What is the future we want to build for our children?

What will help us reach that vision and sustain it?


All Children Thrive (ACT) aims to catalyze the capabilities of communities, cities, counties and states to optimize the health development and well-being of all their children.




Realizing new, effective and efficient ways to solving complex problems that threaten our children's healthy development

Recognizing that solutions for complex problems require many minds, places, and sectors working and learning together

Understanding that communities and health systems learn their way forward by adaptively responding to changing conditions and contexts




All Children Thrive (ACT) is a network of people and places across the U.S. that are working together to identify the strategies and policies that can help all children thrive.



Our Thinking, Our Process

2. Design, Develop and Implement an Adaptive Learning System to catalyze improvement, innovation and change
  • Identify, engage, and recruit diverse stakeholders from multiple sectors 

  • Design and prototype innovation, improvement and spreading strategies as a collaborative learning system

  • Design, develop and evolve data systems that capture the holistic, life course informed, developmentally organized influences of diverse ecosystems on individual and population outcomes

  • Facilitate and continuously improve timely learning and action

  • Improve existing tools and develop, design, and prototype new approaches for measuring, displaying and sharing performance, improving quality, and accelerating breakthrough solutions

3. Design, Develop and Improve Strategic Pathways that can achieve results in diverse local ecosystems
  • Community engagement, leadership development, local governance innovations and novel shared accountability frameworks

  • Financing pathways that consider investment in longer health, educational and social outcomes; local health outcomes trusts

  • Communication pathways that build awareness, engagement, enthusiasm and momentum

  • Alignment with other community economic development, family support, education, early childhood, equity and social justice initiatives

4. Design for Whole Communities to Scale to Whole Communities
  • Identify and engage diverse communities inspired and committed to having all children thrive

  • Support their roadmapping, systems design, learning systems, financial innovations and other strategies to drive transformative change

  • Connect different sites into a vibrant learning system that can achieve breakthrough improvements in community resilience, implementing 3.0 system designs to ensure that all children thrive

1. Envision a 3.0 Health System
  • Conceptualize design strategies that optimize health over life course

  • Align aspirational values with value propositions that must be achieved

  • Identify drivers for improving results, innovation and change

  • Consider co-creative conditions so adaptive strategies emerge over time

  • Develop prototypes and maturity models for 3.0 systems designs

  • Roadmap the pathway toward the desired future



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