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(Adapted from Principles of Building Resilience and other sources)

Complex adaptive systems(CAS): systems of interconnected components characterize by the potential for emergent and nonlinear behaviors; the capacity for self-organization and adaption based on past experience; and inherent uncertainties regarding system behavior and outcomes


Learning: the process of modifying existing and acquiring new knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, preferences at individual, group, community, system, population, and societal levels.


Social Ecological Systems (SES): integrated systems of humans ( human families, communities, cities and states)  and nature that constitute a complex adaptive systems with ecological and social and behavioral components that interact dynamically through various feedback


Resilience Approach: A perspective of for the analysis of Social Ecological Systems which assumes that SES behave as CAS and focuses on the capacity to deal with both the unexpected shocks and ongoing changes in such systems


Resilience of SES: the capacity of a SES to sustain optimal health and wellbeing in the face of disturbances and changes, by buffering shocks, by adapting behaviors, cultures and systems, and transforming the adaptive response to change

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