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Complex Adaptive Systems

Community Resilience & Resilience Enhancing Communities

Why ACT?

We apply principles based on current scientific knowledge to guide ACT strategies/approaches in improving our children's health. The following serve as the foundations for what is defined here as a 3.0 system.

Systems Transformation

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Integrated Strategy
  • Strategically linking, focusing and combining several different innovation strategies in one community on the goal of transforming child health and health care

  • Combining local motivation, knowledge and experience with national data, analytics and policy expertise to help support innovation within and across child serving sectors

Cross sector and Sector Specific Learning Systems
  • In order to help catalyze, develop and implement systematic improvement, innovation and learning strategies, we have designed an integrated learning system platform

  • By analyzing what each child health services sectors needs to accomplish to move from 2.0 to 3.0, the specific process of innovation and improvement can be defined

  • Learning and Inspiration networks are designed to focus the energies of small groups on innovating, one larger groups of collaborators to bundle services and strategies and test out what it takes to make redesigned systems achieve new goals, and then to spread these breakthrough strategies to the universe of sites and providers that adopt and run with these new and improved approaches

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