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Designing and Building a Learning System

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and their own group of local partners and government agencies launched the Cincinnati Children Thrive Learning Network in October of 2015. Using their well-developed and well tested collaborative learning system methodology they have embarked on several streams of interrelated work. These include: 

  • Reengineering existing services and proposing a range of new ideas for enhancing system performance using a family-centered design approach.

  • Involving community stakeholders and parents for a family-centered design process, generating new ideas to inform new service and systems prototypes that they can be co-developed and co-produced by the network. 

  • A focus on learning and understanding what works and what’s not working in order improve the ways services and systems achieve five important outcomes: infant mortality, school readiness, 3rd grade reading and hospitalizations for kids from 2 neighborhoods.  

  • Developing and designing a network that is focusing on the key outcomes and designing for improved performance. 

On June 14 2016, the Cincinnati All Children Thrive Learning Network was launched as they began the next phase on their path to improving health and well-being of all children in Cincinnati. 

Columbus & Cincinnati, Ohio

San Diego, California

Nationwide Children’s Hospital works with a wide array of community partners, including the Office of the Mayor for the City of Columbus, Columbus City Schools, United Way of Central Ohio and Community Development for All People, to improve child health, development and wellbeing through its Healthy Neighborhoods Healthy Families initiative. This initiative, which began in 2008, brings together faith-based organizations, community development organizations, youth-serving nonprofits and local public schools and focuses on revitalizing Columbus’ South Side, the area around the hospital, to create positive health outcomes in that community.   

The HNHF initiative is successfully targeting five areas of potential impact: the availability of affordable housing, improving educational opportunities and options, promoting health and wellness for all community members, ensuring that the neighborhood is safe and services are accessible, and putting increased emphasis on workforce development.

Described in more detail on the HNHF website, this initiative has made significant progress in all five of their impact areas.

For more information about HNHF , 

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Live Well San Diego is the County of San Diego's vision for a region that is Building Better Health, Living Safely and Thriving. Although Live Well San Diego began in 2010 as a health strategy, it has evolved into a greater vision to improve the health, safety and well-being of all County residents. The three components of this vision are (1) Building Better Health, (2) Living Safely, and (3) Thriving. The County's four strategic approaches for realizing the Live Well San Diego vision are (1) Building a Better Service Delivery System, (2) Supporting Positive Choices, (3) Pursuing Policy and Environmental Changes, and (4) Improving the Culture Within County Government.

For more information about Live Well San Diego, 

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Pictures from May 2016, All Children Thrive Meeting in Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio.

In May 2016, ACT organized and held a roadmapping, design and learning session in Columbus and Cincinnati to explore how these two Ohio communities, with very advanced child health system re-engineering efforts underway, could learn from each other while advancing their own local strategies. Teams from cities met first in Columbus where we visited community programs and examined the “facts on the ground” to better understand the process of local community transformation. Both Columbus and Cincinnati teams focused on roadmapping core strategies focused on sustainable financing, developing appropriate measurement and learning systems, and advancing family centered co-design and co-production.

Representatives from San Diego, Denver, and East Palo Alto also attended this roadmapping and design session as those communities consider how they can move their own efforts forward to assure that all children thrive​.

All Children Thrive (ACT) is in the process of building a national learning system that can support innovation and improvement in communities across the U.S.

In developing and designing that learning system, ACT has been in the process of testing different ways of sharing information, roadmapping the strategy pathways to a future 3.0 child health system, and prototyping the learning process.

Vision: Cincinnati's 66,000 kids be the healthiest in the nation through strong partnerships


  • Reduce annual infant deaths in Hamilton County by 33%

  • Reduce inpatient bed day disparity by 15% in 2 neighborhoods (Avondale and Price Hill)

  • Ensure 5 year olds have a 'healthy mind & body'

  • Increase percent of children reading by 3rd grade in Cincinnati Public Schools from 78% to 90%

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